Apr 9, 2014

Judge Napolitano at NYU Law

Judge Andrew Napolitano:
"Do We Still Have a Constitution?"

Monday, April 21, 6:00 p.m.
New York University School of Law 
245 Sullivan St., NY 10012 (Furman Hall, 9th Floor) 

Judge Andrew Napolitano, one of America's staunchest advocates for individual liberty, will discuss the present-day assault on the Constitution, from NSA spying, to Obamacare's mandates, to the President's rule by executive fiat. What does it mean to have a Constitution in a world where natural rights -- speech, press, worship, self-defense, travel, bodily integrity, privacy, etc. -- are constantly infringed by the President and Congress, and the courts abide by refusing to enforce constitutional guarantees?

This event is open to the public. Please feel free to forward this invitation to friends and colleagues. Refreshments will be provided. 

Judge Napolitano is a senior judicial analyst at Fox News and distinguished visiting professor of law at Brooklyn Law School. He is the author of seven books on the U.S. Constitution, including two New York Times best sellers. 

Hosted by the Federalist Society

Apr 2, 2014

NYU Law Digital Currency Conference

Digital Currency Conference at NYU Law

April 7, 2014
4:00 - 8:00 pm

New York University School of Law
Furman Hall, 9th Floor, Lester Pollack Colloquium, 245 Sullivan St., NY 10012

In recent years, digital currencies have emerged as an innovative and potentially disruptive technology. They have generated interest and debate, and are increasingly a focus of mainstream press coverage and everyday discussion. Chief among these digital currencies is Bitcoin, which has drawn the attention of regulators, lawmakers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. We are delighted to invite you to NYU Law for an evening with some of the key individuals involved in the study and use of virtual currencies.

Panel 1: Legal and Policy

Jerry Brito (Mercatus Center) 
John Collins (Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee)
Brian Klein (Baker Marquart; Chair, Bitcoin Foundation's Legal Advocacy Committee)
Reuben Grinberg (Davis Polk) 
Carter Dougherty (Bloomberg News) (moderator)

Panel 2: Business and Economics 
Nicolas Colas (BNY Mellon ConvergEx
Steven Englander (Citigroup)
Marwan Forzley (Independent)
Antonis Polemitis (Ledra Capital) 
Alex Waters (CoinApex)
Sara Eisen (CNBC) (moderator)

Trevor Morrison (Dean and Eric M. and Laurie B. Roth Professor of Law at NYU Law) will make opening remarks.  A reception will follow the second panel.

Space is limited
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Sponsored by the Classical Liberal Institute and 

NYU Federalist Society

Mar 25, 2014

Google v. NSA

Google v. NSA: Are Our Privacy Concerns Different for Private Companies and Government Agencies?

A panel discussion featuring
Stewart Baker (Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP; Former Assistant Secretary for Policy,  U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security)

Jay Stanley (Senior Policy Analyst, American Civil Liberties Union)

Berin Szoka (President, TechFreedom)

Tuesday, March 25
12:15 pm, FH-110

Lunch will be provided
Space is limited. Please RSVP

Israel's Borders & International Law

A discussion featuring Eugene Kontorovich (Northwestern School of Law) and J.H.H. Weiler (NYU School of Law)

Thursday 3/13
12:15 pm
Furman Hall, Rm. 210

Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP
Eugene Kontorovich is Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law. His research spans the fields of constitutional law, international law, and law and economics. Prof. Kontorovich has also written and lectured extensively about the legal aspects of the Israel-Arab conflict. After law school, he clerked for Judge Richard Posner on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.
J.H.H. Weiler is Joseph Straus Professor of Law as well as holder of the European Union Jean Monnet Chair at New York University School of Law, and Co-Director of the Tikvah Center for Law & Jewish Civilization. Weiler served as a member of the Committee of Jurists of the Institutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, co-drafting the European Parliament's Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms and Parliament's input to the Maastricht Inter-intergovernmental Conference.

Mar 2, 2014

A Discussion on the HHS Contraception Mandate

NYU Law Professor Adam Samaha & Senior Analyst Ken Klukowski discuss the HHS Contraception Mandate

featuring Professor Adam Samaha & Senior Analyst Ken Klukowski

Monday 3/03
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 204
40 Washington Square South
New York, NY, 10012

Please RSVP

Adam Samaha is professor of Constitutional Law at NYU Law School and is the 2007 Herbert and Marjorie Fried Teaching Scholar. His research and teaching interests focus on constitutional law and theory, along with the role of courts in society. Much of his scholarship investigates social decisions under conditions of disagreement and uncertainty. 

Ken Klukowski is a fellow at Liberty University Law School, a national bestselling author, former Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council, and Senior Legal Analyst for Breitbart News. 

Sponsored by the NYU Federalist Society and NYU Law and Religion Society.

Feb 27, 2014

The Supreme Court vs. The Constitution

The NYU Federalist Society invites you to come hear Gerald Walpin, former US Inspector General and Assistant United States Attorney, discuss his new book, The Supreme Court v. The Constitution. 

Walpin argues that the Supreme Court, often by a bare majority, has "ignored the letter and spirit of the Constitution and its amendments in grabbing power that rightfully belongs to the Executive and Legislative branches, the states − and, ultimately, the people." 

Feb 14, 2014

A Debate on Gun Control Policy

A Debate on Gun Control Policy
Wednesday 2/19
4:00 - 5:30 pm
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 220
40 Washington Sq. South
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Eugene Volokh is professor at UCLA School of Law, where he teaches a seminar on firearms regulation policy. He is also the founder and co-author of the popular legal blog The Volokh Conspiracy, now part of The Washington PostProfessor Volokh clerked for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the U.S. Supreme Court and for Judge Alex Kozinski on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. 
Richard Aborn is president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City, a  non-profit organization focused on criminal justice and public safety policies and practices. From 1992 to 1996, Mr. Aborn was president of Handgun Control, Inc. (now the Brady Campaign), the leading gun control advocacy organization in the United States.

Snowden: Patriot or Traitor?

The Federalist Society invites you to

Snowden: Patriot or Traitor?

featuring Logan Beirne (Yale Law School)

Mr. Beirne was appointed as the Olin Searle Scholar in 2010 at Yale Law School. He is a former practicing attorney with the law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell in New York City and was a Fulbright Scholar at Queen’s University. He is the author of  Blood of Tyrants: George Washington and the Forging of the Presidency Encounter Books, 2013).

Wednesday at 12:30 pm

Lunch will be provided
Please RSVP here

Nov 23, 2013

The Test for Separation of Church & State

Ken Klukowski on Lemon v. Kurtzman for Separation of Church & State
Time: 4pm-6pm, Monday, November 25th
Place: Furman Hall 212. Food and drinks will be served! 

The Federalist Society and The Law & Religion Society presents Professor Ken Klukowski on why the Supreme Court should overrule Lemon v. Kurtzman in favor of a "coercion test." Mr. Klukowski will be doing a full presentation on the need to make such a doctrinal shift, ahead of Greece v. Galloway. Although Professor Ken Klukowski has also been involved for many years in judicial confirmation battles, and that although his lecture tomorrow will be on the Establishment Clause, he will be happy to discuss the fallout of Harry Reid’s invocation of the nuclear option last week during the Q & A discussion period. 
Mr. Klukowski is national-bestselling author who is Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council, law professor at Liberty University School of Law, and Senior Legal Analyst for Breitbart News. He has also written a piece on Justice Thomas' speech at the FedSoc National Convention

Visit The Law & Religion Society's website for all the video recordings of their past events! 

Nov 18, 2013

The Classical Liberal Constitution: The Uncertain Quest for Limited Government

The Classical Liberal Constitution: The Uncertain Quest for Limited Government

Book Forum
December 12, 2013 12:00PMHayek Auditorium
Featuring the author Richard A. Epstein, Professor of Law, New York University Law School, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Professor of Law Emeritus, and Senior Lecturer, University of Chicago Law School; with comments by Jess Bravin, Supreme Court Correspondent, the Wall Street Journal, moderated by Roger Pilon, Director, Center for Constitutional Studies, Cato Institute.
In his latest book, a wide-ranging tome covering vast areas of our law, Richard Epstein mounts a principled attack on modern Supreme Court jurisprudence and much of the legal scholarship that has grown up around it. The major disarray that infects every area of modern American life, he argues, from deficits and debt to health care, financial services, declining standards of living and more, could not have happened under the original constitutional structure, faithfully interpreted in light of changed circumstances. It arose from a profound progressive break with the classical liberal tradition that guided the drafting and interpretation of the Constitution. Please join us for what should be a spirited discussion of these fundamental issues.

To register to attend this event, click the button below and then submit the form on the page that opens, or email events@cato.org, fax (202) 371-0841 or call (202) 789-5229 by noon on Wednesday, December 11, 2013.
Luncheon to Follow

Nov 8, 2013

NYC's (Former) Soda Ban

The Federalist Society and Food Law invite you to 

A Discussion about NYC's (Former) Soda Ban 


Roderick Hills (William T. Comfort, III Professor of Law at NYU)
Jacob Sullum (Senior Editor at Reason Magazine)
Walter Olson (Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute's Center for Constitutional Studies)
moderated by Michael Herz (Adjunct Professor of Law at NYU)

Panelists will discuss the legal and policy issues surrounding New York City's ban on large sodas, which is currently being reviewed by the New York State Court of Appeals

Tuesday, 11/12 at 6:00 pm
VH- 210

Food and refreshments will be served

Please RSVP here

Nov 6, 2013

A Proposal for Institutional and Ecological Entrepreneurship

This Thursday 11/7 at 4pm to 5pm Vanderbilt Hall 206

"Preserving America's Wild-lands When Governments are Broke & Broken: A Proposal for Institutional and Ecological Entrepreneurship"


Dr. John A. Baden (Chairman, Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment)

Dr. Baden will discuss how markets, not regulation, may be the key to environmental protection.

Food and refreshments will be served
RSVP here.

Sponsored by the Federalist Society

Nov 2, 2013

Bond v. United States Debate

Time:  Monday, 11/4 at 12:30 pm
Location:  VH-218

The Federalist Society invites you to a Bond v. United States debate featuring 

Richard Pildes 
(Sudler Family Professor of Constitutional Law at NYU)

Nicholas Rosenkranz 
(Professor of Law and Georgetown University Law Center)

Bond is currently before the Supreme Court and presents the question:

Whether the Constitution's limits on federal authority impose any constraints on the scope of Congress’ authority to enact legislation to implement a treaty?  In other words, if Congress legislates to enforce a treaty, is Congress limited to the powers it otherwise has in Article I?

Learn more about the case here. See a preview of the debate on The Volokh Conspiracy here.

Lunch will be served. Please RSVP here.

Sponsored by the Federalist Society

Oct 27, 2013

Debate on Immigration Reform

Tuesday at 4pm

The Federalist Society & the American Constitution Society are hosting a 

Debate on Immigration Reform 

Professor Anna Law (Brooklyn College) - an expert on the role of the federal judiciary in U.S. immigration policy who served as a program analyst at the congressional bipartisan, blue-ribbon United States Commission on Immigration Reform in the mid-1990s. She is the author of “The Immigration Battle in American Courts.”

Stuart Anderson (Executive Director of the National Foundation for American Policy). He spent over four years working on the Senate Immigration Subcommittee and served as an Executive Associate Commissioner at the INS. He is an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and the author of the book  “Immigration.”

Food and refreshments will be served.

RSVP here

Tuesday, October 29 at 4pm
Vanderbilt Hall-220