Jan 17, 2012

Event Wednesday: Robert Levy on the Dirty Dozen

On Wednesday, January 18, Robert Levy will be visiting NYU to discuss his acclaimed book, The Dirty Dozen. Dr. Levy is the Chairman of Cato Institute and helped organize the 2nd Amendment case of District of Columbia v. Heller.  The Dirty Dozen is about the twelve Supreme Court decisions that undermined individual liberty and expanded government power. The book was coauthored by Chip Mellor from the Institute for Justice and the forward was written by our own Prof. Richard Epstein.

According to the book, the 12 worst Supreme Court cases include:

  1. Helvering v. Davis - Promoting the general welfare 
  2. Wickard v. Filburn - Regulating Interstate Commerce
  3. Home Bldg. & Loan v. Blaisdell - Rescinding Private Contracts
  4. Whitman v. American Trucking - Lawmaking by Administrative Agencies
  5. McConnel v. FEC - Campaign Finance Reform and Free Speech
  6. United States v. Miller - Gun Owner's Rights
  7. Korematsu v. United States - Civil Liberties Versus National Security
  8. Bennis v. Michigan - Asset Forfeiture Without Due Process 
  9. Kelo v. City of New London - Eminent Domain for Private Use
  10. Penn Central v. New York - Taking Property by Regulation 
  11. United States v. Carolene Products - Earning an Honest Living (footnote 4) 
  12. Grutter v. Bolinger - Equal Protection and Racial Preferences
Come ready to debate/defend your favorite abdication of judicial oversight!

What: Robert Levy on "The Dirty Dozen"
When: Wednesday, 1/18 @ 4pm
Where: Vanderbilt Hall 206

Of course, as always, FREE FOOD will be provided!

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