Feb 3, 2012

Monday: Sex at the Polls!

On Monday, February 6, NYU Fed-Soc will be co-hosting a panel discussion with Law Women, ACS, and Law Dems.  The event will be various current women's issues in light of the upcoming elections.

Representing the Federalist Society will be the American Enterprise Institute's Christina Hoff Sommers.  Dr. Sommers has been a vocal critic of twenty-first-century feminism and has made the case for conservative feminism.  She has written extensively, including two books entitled Who Stole Feminism and The War Against Boys.

Other panelists include Planned Parenthood's Faye Wattleton, Feminist Blogger and Litigator Jill Filipovic, and MergerWatch Director Lois Uttler.  The event will be moderated by NYU's own Prof. Cynthia Estlund.

A wine and cheese reception will directly follow the discussion!  Space is limited, so come early to grab a seat!

What: Sex at the Polls
When: Monday, Feb. 6 @ 6pm
Where: Greenburg Lounge

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