Nov 23, 2013

The Test for Separation of Church & State

Ken Klukowski on Lemon v. Kurtzman for Separation of Church & State
Time: 4pm-6pm, Monday, November 25th
Place: Furman Hall 212. Food and drinks will be served! 

The Federalist Society and The Law & Religion Society presents Professor Ken Klukowski on why the Supreme Court should overrule Lemon v. Kurtzman in favor of a "coercion test." Mr. Klukowski will be doing a full presentation on the need to make such a doctrinal shift, ahead of Greece v. Galloway. Although Professor Ken Klukowski has also been involved for many years in judicial confirmation battles, and that although his lecture tomorrow will be on the Establishment Clause, he will be happy to discuss the fallout of Harry Reid’s invocation of the nuclear option last week during the Q & A discussion period. 
Mr. Klukowski is national-bestselling author who is Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council, law professor at Liberty University School of Law, and Senior Legal Analyst for Breitbart News. He has also written a piece on Justice Thomas' speech at the FedSoc National Convention

Visit The Law & Religion Society's website for all the video recordings of their past events! 

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