Oct 12, 2011

Event TODAY! Bob Inglis on Conservatives Against Climate Change

Today, at 4pm, we will be privileged to host Mr. Bob Inglis.  Mr Inglis served in the U.S. House of Representatives where he represented South Carolina's 4th District from 1993-99 and from 2005-11.  He has not been afraid to differ with the GOPs on issues where he thinks the party is off base, and on Thursday he will be speaking on one of those areas: climate change.  Mr. Inglis is launching a conservative effort to address climate change, and he has written extensively on the subject in the past.  While many may decry the Republican party as "anti-science," Mr. Inglis shows that there is much less uniformity of opinion within the GOP than one might expect.

You can read Mr. Inglis' writing on this topic here: Conservative Means Standing with Science on Climate 

New York Times article on Mr. Inglis: Former Rep. Inglis to Launch Conservative Coalition to Address Climate Change
What: Bob Inglis on Conservatives Against Climate Change?
VH 214
Wednesday 10/12 @ 4pm
As always, there will be plenty of time for questions and free food will be provided.

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