Oct 4, 2011

Event Tomorrow! Ilya Somin & Rick Hills

Prof. Ilya Somin
Late tomorrow morning we will be having a very exciting event with Prof. Ilya Somin of GMU and our own Prof. Rick Hills.  You may be familiar with Prof. Somin's work on the popular Volokh Conspiracy blog.  His focus includes constitutional law, property law, and the study of popular political participation.  Prof. Somin will be discussing the Tea Party movement and its role as a popular constitutional movement.  He recently published an article on the subject in the Northwestern University Law Review Colloquy that you can access here.

Prof. Rick Hills
After the speech, NYU's Prof. Hills will provide commentary and critique.  Questions and debate will be welcomed, and we will have a wide assortment of breakfast foods available to get your day started.

Whether you think of the Tea Party as a bunch of know-nothings or as the last best hope of our constitutional republic, this should be an exciting and informative event.  We look forward to seeing you there!

What: Ilya Somin & Rick Hills discuss the Tea Party & popular constitutionalism
When: Wednesday Oct. 5 @ 11am
Where: Vanderbilt Hall 204

Donuts, danishes, bagels, coffee etc. provided!!!!!!


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