Apr 13, 2011

Event: Atlas Shrugged Screening

Join the NYU Federalist Society for a screening of the new Atlas Shrugged movie.
When: Friday, April 15 @ 7:00PM
Where: Regal Union Square Cinema (NE corner of 13th & Broadway)
We will meet in the Lobby of the theater at around 6:45. Please purchase your tickets ahead of time and let us know if you are planning on coming so that we can look out for you.

Tickets: Purchase tickets online here
Review excerpt from Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski:
"I was convinced Atlas Shrugged could not be put on film, but this movie proved me wrong. It has a contemporary look and feel, while retaining the Art Deco elegance of Rand's novel. The acting is superb, particularly Taylor Schilling as Dagny Taggart and Grant Bowler as Hank Rearden. Bowler manages to cram more meaning into a half-cocked eyebrow than most actors in a dozen lines of dialogue, and Shilling captures the sleek, cold elegance of Dagny, while giving just a hint of the passion simmering beneath the surface. Indeed, all the performances are impeccable."