Apr 13, 2011

Upcoming Speaker: Lester Brickman

What Contingency Fees Really Cost America
A discussion with Professor Lester Brickman of Cardozo School of Law

Wed. April 13th  at 4:00 PM
VH 216

Free food will be provided

Professor Brickman has recently written the book Lawyer Barons: What Their Contingency Fees Really Cost America. In reviewing this book Professor Epstein said:

"Lester Brickman is a man with a mission: To expose the waste and fraud that permeates the system of tort liability as it has grown up over the past forty years in the United States. Brickman is an indefatigable researcher who understands the keys to unlocking the secrets of the tort system. What is truly striking about Lawyer Barons is not just the massive amount of evidence presented but the tenacity with which he tracks down just about every scrap of available evidence on a particular problem and melds it into a compelling narrative that reads as a coherent whole. Anyone who reads this book will quickly conclude that tort reform belongs back on the national agenda."
Professor Brickman writes extensively on ethics and tort reform. He was instrumental in the movement against nonrefundable retainers. He has also drawn attention to questionable tactics used in asbestos litigation.