Apr 21, 2011

Thursday: Volokh Comes to NYU!

Eugene Volokh
Medical Self-Defense & Organ Markets

Thurs. April 21st  at 4:00 PM
VH 214

Professor Eugene Volokh will be giving a speech on principles of self-defense in the realm of medicine.  He published an article for the Harvard Law Review on the subject that can read more hereFor those who are unfamiliar with Professor Volokh, he is a widely regarded professor of law at UCLA.  He is perhaps best known as the founder of The Volokh Conspiracy, one of the most popular and influential law blogs on the internet. He is among the five most cited under-45 faculty members listed in the Top 25 Law Faculties in Scholarly Impact, 2005-2009 study, and among the forty most cited faculty members on that list without regard to age. He has had 6 of his works cited by the Supreme Court. 

Professor Volokh received his JD from UCLA after earning his B.S. there at the age of 15. Upon graduating from law school, he went on to clerk for Judge Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit and Justice O’Connor of the Supreme Court.